Quebec Remparts vs. Gatineau Olympiques at Videotron Centre

Quebec Remparts vs. Gatineau Olympiques Tickets

Videotron Centre | Québec City, Québec

Are you thinking about what game is the one you simply can’t afford to miss! Then fans will tell you that you really can not miss the Thursday 14th April 2022 game between Quebec Remparts vs. Gatineau Olympiques and their opponent when they compete head-to-head in Quebec City, Canada at the iconic Videotron Centre. This awesome team may be facing their most competitive match yet as this new rival attempts to best them. Will they be able to hold on to their current record? You’ll have to come to the Videotron Centre to find out. But, don’t think that your ticket just gets you entry into what may be the most intense athletic competition around. You’ll also be able to enjoy your choice of several dozens of vendors who are waiting to serve you the food, drinks, and snacks you want. With convenient parking and facilities rated highly in safety and cleanliness, you can focus on enjoying this heart-pounding competition. Use this site to secure your tickets today while supplies last!

If you have ever wanted to see the best that league ice hockey has to offer, then the Videotron Centre has you covered. This stadium in Quebec City, Canada offers patrons everything they could want from a hockey stadium and more. The seating is comfortable and spacious, the staff are friendly, and even if you’re in the furthest rows, they have a excellent jumbotron to give you a clear view of game highlights. Let’s not forget that you’ll stay refreshed with the wide choice of vendors throughout the stadium. You can’t go wrong by choosing the Videotron Centre for your next hockey game.

Quebec Remparts vs. Gatineau Olympiques at Videotron Centre

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