The Videotron Centre features seating across 9 floors, including 3 Loge box levels and wheelchair-accessible areas.

videotron center seating chart

The lower level seats 10,010 people, over 50% of the Centre’s total capacity. On this level there are 26 wheelchair-accessible seats, with additional companion seats beside each.
Please see the site map for details of where these areas are located. The lower level also features a Club zone of 912 seats offering special views of the arena.

The Red Bull suite, with seats for up to 64 people, is accessible through the second level of corporate salons.

The exclusive VIP boxes are also found on the second level of corporate lounges, with accommodation for up to 96 people. Offering the very best in comfort, privacy and personalized service, these exclusive seats offer the perfect experience for those wanting something an extra special show – the perfect way to welcome new customers, reward employees, or celebrate a special occasion!