The Videotron Centre is located at the ExpoCité site, easily accessible either by public transport. Traveling by car is also straightforward; take the exit for Soumande Street and follow signs to the Videotron Centre, or alternatively access from the east using the entrance on du Colisée Pepsi Avenue. The on-site parking has space for up to 4,755 vehicles.

Visitors are encourages to allow plenty of extra time for travel on their journey, time taken to park, and the travel from their vehicle to their seats.

Fees are as follows:

8$ For all games of Quebec Remparts

10$ For events presented by the City of Quebec as well as those where the maximum ticket price does not exceed $ 74.99

12$ For events where the maximum ticket price is between $ 75 and $ 119.99

15$ For events where the maximum ticket price exceeds $ 120

** Some exceptions may apply. However, the price will not exceed $ 15