Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'Or Foreurs at Videotron Centre

Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'Or Foreurs Tickets

Videotron Centre | Québec City, Québec

Are you tired of your favorite sporting events being broken up by commercial breaks? Then why not visit Videotron Centre in Quebec City Canada so you can see every minute of the hard-hitting action when Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'or Foreurs compete on Sunday Sunday 10th November 2019. This evening of second to none sports entertainment brings two of the best competitors in the industry head-to-head in what commentators are predicting will be a grueling match of epic proportions that will leave you breathless. No matter which side you’ll be cheering for, you can guarantee that you won’t be able to stay in your seat. Everyone in that high-capacity crowd will be on their feet cheering on every hit, every block, and every nail-biting moment of action. If you love high-energy sports competition, you can’t afford to miss out. Click that Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets today. Make sure you order fast because supplies are already running out.

Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'Or Foreurs at Videotron Centre

Are you hyped for Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'or Foreurs?! Your all-time favorite act are cruising the world again with their extremely sought-after 2019 concert tour!

This November, Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'or Foreurs visits to Quebec City for a show/performance that will rock your world! It’s had nothing but rave reviews from every fan and every critic to have attended it yet, so it’s no wonder that fans are freaking out! The tour accompanies the release of their latest record, so make sure to grab a copy and know all the songs off by heart by the show so you can sing along to your heart’s content!

Small handheld cameras and cell phones are permitted for use in the venue, so go wild recording your experience to tweet it to all your friends and make ‘em envious! Tickets can be bought right here, right now – don’t delay! – grab ‘em while they last

Quebec Remparts vs. Val-d'Or Foreurs at Videotron Centre

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